Health Simplified - The Easy Approach

How to live healthy once and for all! Believe it or not its not all that hard at all. Actually a few minor changes from right now can put you on the right track to living a long, healthy life from today on! Take a look at this primary list of healthy aspects of life and see just were you fit in.
      See in today's society there's something trying to get your attention seems like each day, all day everyday. Where will the time come from to ever give my own body the attention it deserves? Maybe it isn't about having the time to do it all, at all! How about a simple routine instead. something you gently incorporate into your life...slowly day by day making minor changes until the life itself is conducive to overall being healthy, living healthy and living long! See its a simple process a 5-Step procedure you address one at a time. A healthy life has 5 primary parts to it. All of which you already know about. The question is are they being used to promote healthy living for you right now!
        Simply put life consist of distractions making sure you can devote the time to maintaining a healthy life should be one of your top priorities above all else. In spite of living in such a demanding society we still have to find time to make sure we all handle these 5 aspects of life with a healthy perspective in mind:
  • Diet - You really are what you eat, in many more ways than one.
  • Sleep - 8-12 Hours no more, no less let your body reset from the day before.
  • Hydration - 8 Glasses of water per day should provide proper hydration, a very important yet overlooked aspect in making sure everything stays flowing!
  • Meditation - Yes meditation is "mental exercise" and the brain controls the body so relax and regroup with each session.
  • Exercise- As see fit as there is no set procedure, just make sure you manage to move around in some them muscles.
      So let's get into it, of all 5 parts today where going to focus on one, diet. Many say this is the most important and of course they all give there own "special" reasons as well. So let's look at health simplified right here in what you eat! Simply put let's fuel your body and your brain and hope the rest just takes care of itself!
     The mind - Of course one of the most important aspects of mental health is concentration and what is one of the most effective natural substances when it comes to concentration..? Caffeine. Due to what most are saying about Caffeine it is good for you! Of course like everything else, in moderate dosage. So when ever you find your thoughts literally all over the place pick a nice dose through something like: 
  • A nice cup of fresh Coffee
  • A nice piece of Dark Chocolate
     Now we've handled the focus aspect What can I possibly do about this feeling sluggish, this sluggish feeling I have all the time? I mean I would love to get it done! I just don't don't have the stamina. Simply put your body needs sugar. Not the kind you think though...were talking Glucose, pure natural sweetener. The kind your body love, needs for fuel just like the car your drive. That drowsy feeling is your body telling you, feed me! So get your Glucose!!!!
  • Honey - Provides an excellent amount of Glucose, immediately and long lasting.
  • Molasses - Not the best known source of Glucose although a moderate dose can contain up to 10g. 
  • Fruit - Pretty much all fruit in all forms fresh, dried and even juices. Fruits supply a nice moderate dose of glucose ready for your body to use. 
       I'd like to be smarter - Fortunately there is a way , naturally to do so. And the good news is yes its through your diet. Make sure you get a nice dosage of the following 3 foods on a weekly basis and you will start to feel the effects sooner than you think! So stay tuned...

Kaleidescope - A One Of A Kind Magazine

 I recently discovered this very special magazine and would like to share it with you. This is issue #65 Appreciating The Simple Things., 
The Poetry and Fiction is beautiful as well as unique, so take a look  at the Magazine, it is 100% free so please take a copy a share it with someone as well.

The Prostitution of Men - CAUSE AND REMEDY.


 Here is another publication from the 1920's that carries a very interesting perspective on male-hood in general. A very interesting read from a non-biased,  non-opinionated and most importantly non-corporate-sponsored standpoint.



1. Exposed Youth.—Generally even in the beginning of the period when sexual uneasiness begins to show itself in the boy, he is exposed in schools, institutes, and elsewhere to the temptations of secret vice, which is transmitted from youth to youth, like a contagious corruption, and which in thousands destroys the first germs of virility. Countless numbers of boys are addicted to these vices for years. That they do not in the beginning of nascent puberty proceed to sexual intercourse with women, is generally due to youthful timidity, which dares not reveal its desire, or from want of experience for finding opportunities. The desire is there, for the heart is already corrupted.
2. Boyhood Timidity Overcome.—Too often a common boy's timidity is overcome by chance or by seduction, which is rarely lacking in great cities where prostitution is flourishing, and thus numbers of boys immediately after the transition period of youth, in accordance with the previous secret practice, accustom themselves to the association with prostitute women, and there young manhood and morals are soon lost forever.
3. Marriage-bed Resolutions.—Most men of the educated classes enter the marriage-bed with the consciousness of leaving behind them a whole army of prostitutes or seduced women, in whose arms they cooled their passions and spent the vigor of their youth. But with such a past the married man does not at the same time leave behind him its influence on his inclinations. The habit of having a feminine being at his disposal for every rising appetite, and the desire for change inordinately indulged for years, generally make themselves felt again as soon as the honeymoon is over. Marriage will not make a morally corrupt man all at once a good man and a model husband.
4. The Injustice of Man.—Now, although many men are in a certain sense "not worthy to unloose the latchet of the shoes" of the commonest woman, much less to "unfasten her girdle," yet they make the most extravagant demands on the feminine sex. Even the greatest debauchee, who has spent his vigor in the arms of a hundred courtesans, will cry out fraud and treachery if he does not receive his newly married bride as an untouched virgin. Even the most dissolute husband will look on his wife as deserving of death if his daily infidelity is only once reciprocated.
[pg 428, ToC]
5. Unjust Demands.—The greater the injustice a husband does to his wife, the less he is willing to submit to from her; the oftener he becomes unfaithful to her, the stricter he is in demanding faithfulness from her. We see that despotism nowhere denies its own nature: the more a despot deceives and abuses his people, the more submissiveness and faithfulness he demands of them.
6. Suffering Women.—Who can be astonished at the many unhappy marriages, if he knows how unworthy most men are of their wives? Their virtues they rarely can appreciate, and their vices they generally call out by their own. Thousands of women suffer from the results of a mode of life of which they, having remained pure in their thought, have no conception whatever; and many an unsuspecting wife nurses her husband with tenderest care in sicknesses which are nothing more than the consequences of his amours with other women.
7. An Inhuman Criminal.—When at last, after long years of delusion and endurance, the scales drop from the eyes of the wife, and revenge or despair drives her into a hostile position towards her lord and master, she is an inhuman criminal, and the hue and cry against the fickleness of women and the falsity of their nature is endless. Oh, the injustice of society and the injustice of cruel man. Is there no relief for helpless women that are bound by the ties of marriage to men who are nothing but rotten corruption?
8. Vulgar Desire.—The habit of regarding the end and aim of woman only from the most vulgar side—not to respect in her the noble human being, but to see in her only the instrument of sensual desire—is carried so far among men that they will allow it to force into the background considerations among themselves, which they otherwise pretend to rank very high.
9. The Only Remedy.—But when the feeling of women has once been driven to indignation with respect to the position which they occupy, it is to be hoped that they will compel men to be pure before marriage, and they will remain loyal after marriage.
10. Worse than Savages.—With all our civilize we are put to shame even by the savages. The savages know of no fastidiousness of the sexual instinct and of no brothels. We are, indeed, likewise savages, but in quite a different sense. Proof of this is especially furnished by our youth. But that our students, and young men in general, usually pass through the school of corruption and drag the filth of the road which they have traversed before marriage along with them throughout life, is not their fault so much as the fault of prejudices and of our political and social conditions that prohibits a proper education, and the placing of the right kind of literature on these subjects into the hands of young people.