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We all may need something to snack on during the day sometimes to hold us over others just to satisfy a sudden urge. So we grab a little something to snack on right. Well that depends and it depends on a lot, most important what is considered a snack? And by who?
When most of us think of a snack we tend to think of Dough-based snacks cookies cakes and such other snacks can include the the Savory types like chips, snickers, cheeses and crackers something just a little smaller than a full-blown meal.

The problem with this is that these are not snacks! At least not in the way your body is constructed as far as what your really is calling for during those times you crave a snack. Its really your body telling you something is low! Unfortunately all the candy bars, chips, ice creams and pastries will never fill the void. See all that stuff I just mentioned isn't a snack so to speak. In all honesty that stuff really isn't even food! In reality it all comes out to be a nicely constructed combination of chemicals and food colorings made to taste good! Nothing else. See your body is asking for fuel it need some fat to burn off not a host of chemicals. What your body really wants is something it can process "normally" something it can use as fuel while at the same getting the vitamins and minerals naturally through diet.

A snack from a health perspective your body is really saying "I would like a little Potassium, so eat a banana or a nice bag of mixed nuts. Snacks honestly  should be any of the thousands of fruits and nuts available. something straight from nature nothing or added. Something your body can take the needed nutrients and provide with fuel you need.  Another great advantage of natural healthy snacks is that your body knows what to do with them as opposed to the snack-type foods that do great job of confusing your body since it wasn't but for and does not know how to properly process the food additives, food colorings and artificial sweeteners in say a doughnut. So it looks for places to store it within your body since it really can't be used as fuel properly being utilized as energy, your body simply stores it up! Leading to weight gain in almost every instance.
So the next you have a craving grab a bag of almonds or mixed nuts instead of a Snickers bar, you body would really appreciate it! 


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The Healthy Arizonan

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While researching Weight Loss from  A more natural healthier perspective I came across the Earthwell Natural Weight Loss Supplement. first off I did a little research on the company and found them to be quite reputable all around. I was able to find some great unbiased reviews on their products and customer service. The website itself I found to be very relaxing and easy to maneuver around, I also liked the free promo codes and free trials they were offering. I've learned online over the years that offering free trials is a for sure way to show you stand behind your product/service and are willing to guarantee its quality. 

 What is garcinia cambogia?
Glad you asked! By many it would be considered an unconventional method of Weight-Loss by all means. Yet after learning more about it I found it to be the most interesting of supplements. Take a minute and read that description below as provided by Earthwell and hopefully get a better understanding of both the supplement and its healthy helpful effects.
Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit from South-East Asia and India also known as the tamarind fruit. This fruit has been used in cooking, chutney sauces, soup preparations, traditional medicinal uses for a long time which makes it one of the safest and most affordable products for weight loss.
How does it work?
Awesome yet another great question as a natural compound it works a lot like the precious mineral Magnesium the way it takes away all of the original needs and deficiencies that caused the over eating in the first place.  

A nice simple description of how it works is provided below:
        The key natural compound in garcinia cambogia is called HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid). HCA is potent in helping people lose weight because (1) it blocks citrate lyase, a key enzyme the body uses to convert carbohydrates to fat, (2) it suppresses appetite and (3) it increases serotonin levels, which improves sleep and mood, both good for weight loss.

           Health experts have said that "In many ways it is the Holy Grail, the most exciting breakthrough in natural weight loss to date". EarthWell Garcinia works by limiting the conversion of carbs into fat (as carbs are either used for energy or converted into fat & stored in the body). This also triggers the brain to turn off hunger signals, increasing brain serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter involved in mood, sleep and appetite control. This helps overweight people solve emotional issues like binge-eating and mood

Customer reviews/comments

One of absolute the best ways to judge a product or service is often times based on both the number of comments left as well as what they say! Amazingly over 300 comments exist on the Garcina Cambogia supplement alone. Read some of the customer reviews and comments as most if not all are giving the weight loss supplement positive feedback! So if your looking for a great natural way to lose a few pounds with out all the medications take a look at the Earthwell supplement Garcina Cambogia as it has been proven on many occasions (see customer reviews) to be more than effective as a weight loss supplement. AS I said earlier Earth Wel Nutrition itself offers several very healthy and helpful supplements for us to enjoy! So go on over and take a look at some healthy alternatives. 

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Most Importantly remember to...
 To Eating Healthy, Living Healthy Living Long!

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A valuable resource that will actually help you stress less by providing good healthy info for your children...I found this site called Delicious Living the other day and on it was an absolute free guide on kid's health a subject rarely covered. I found the guide to be a great  source of tips and advice on how to raise a healthy child in today's society of fast food and junk food that seems to be every where. It also does a good job of explaining in good detail supplements in terms of why our children need them so much today. Great info 100% free to everyone! So click on the link below and download your own free copy of the The Stress Less Guide To Kids Health

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