A Professional Reference - Dr J.T. Pellerito MD, Internal Medicine

John T Pellerito, Jr MD

Doctor of Internal Medicine

4462 E 5TH Street

Tucson, AZ 85711

Phone: 520-327-6676

Fax 520.327-1965

Terry – Lead Receptionist

Professional Reflection

Dr Pellerito has come to a point in his career where he would like to kn ow just how much he meant to his Profession, his Industry and most important of all his patients. He would like to know in some way if he mattered, if in any way he made a difference.

So the offices of John T Pellerito as a whole (led by Terry) is asking patients (former and current) of the Internal Medicine Specialist, Dr John T. Pellerito if they could please be so kind and take few moments to reflect back I their own personal interactions with the office and write out a kind words. Listed above is the office's primary contact information, so feel free to drop a few words in an email, the fax machine works great! I've seen it so bringing up Word (Microsoft) and writing out a few lines on Doctors behalf it would be greatly appreciated.

I was not asked to create this publication, I insisted. I'd finally gotten the chance to return the favor for some of the great treatment I've personally received over the years. So I ended up thanking him instead for the chance. See as both a profession Copywriter (16 years) and a patient (8 years) of Dr Pellerito's I can attest personally to the great treatment being given out each day consistently in regards to Internal Medicine from this office.

So again if you are now or has been a patient of Dr John Pellerito we ask in an open easy way if you could provide the Doctor with a short letter of reference it would be greatly appreciated. Anything works, en Email, Fax even a good old-fashioned hand-written letter would be great! So for any consideration thanks in advance. Help show the doctor he has mattered within Health-care industry and even more importantly he has also mattered to us, his patient base firmly established here in Tucson. So again we ask if you could just send us a reference letter, fax over a reference letter or even 

Email: healthyarizonan@gmail.com 

The offices of Dr. Pellerito, and would really and truly appreciate it.

A no nosense approach to living in a healthier way - A few small changes that lead to many big differences!

By no nonsense I mean not following any real pre-formatted plan plan or idea. More of just flowing...I mean going along with the design literally. The design of life, your life see you do have a choice as to how, when or even why in a lot instances. Let's take living healthy as an example. Although we all want to do it only a chosen few of us really have the willpower it takes. Defined by default as special.

But we can take a more non-sense approach to living a long healthy life. Doesn't have to be anything special actually the next time you shop buy only Chicken and Fish as the primary. Then Support it with fresh Vegetables (ready for dicing) a few nice starches like some Rice, a few Potatoes maybe some nice long thin pasta. Instead of putting something in the microwave or ordering Pizza try cooking. Try Cooking fresh home cooked meals over the next few weeks. You will be amazed the different you experience in so many other areas of your life! I personally can attribute "clearer thinking" to eating healthier as well having a better memory as well.

Besides the obvious healthy aspects of eating healthy fresh home-cooked meals each day, cutting up fresh Vegetables is really fun! Next make a conscious effort to use your oven! As backing is possibly the healthiest way to actually prepare your food (besides maybe boiling, broiling) so pick up few hundred feet of Aluminum Foil and make cooking simple, wrap everything up and put it in the oven. Outside of maybe Potatoes (baked Potatoes) starches don't seem to do so well in the oven so conventional cooking works great on them still. Okay so here we go! Lets give it a shot! We'll start with a few pieces of nicely cut Salmon fillets.
Salmon Fillets (4 cuts)
Rice (2 cups)
2 Bell Peppers
1 Onion
Garlic 1/2 (Clove)

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