Organic Coconut Oil - A Natural Miracle

         Looking at the chart above you can see a only a few of the seemingly dozens of health benefits Organic Coconut Oil has! Such as how its richness of Lauric acid does a great job in helping to maintain both our blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  And remember don't stop here! Get all the essential Vitamins and Minerals your body needs from the "Vitamin Store" click here.

Coconut Oil

       While researching the oil from the Coconut I discovered some amazing facts in regards to just how healthy it really is! The use of Coconut Oil can not only be used as a moisturizer I quickly learned. i was surprised to learn of the effect it had on such things as the digestive and immune systems ( See chart). I was really impressed at how it nourishes the hair preventing baldness. I personally have been using Coconut Oil for the last few months (including cooking) and I must say it has made a significant difference in my life in several ways. Below is the recommended brand in capsule form. A 2 month supply of 120 capsules (twice a day) should show significant improvement as an initial supply. Take a minute to read this product's description and details as they also reveal even more health benefits (see below).

Product Description

Are You Suffering from Skin Problems, Lack of Energy or occasional Constipation Or Other Health Problems? Renew Actives Pure Organic Coconut Oil Supplements are made with Cold-Pressed Organic Coconuts. Our 120 Softgels are Extra Virgin, Fresh & Unrefined ideal for Men & Women.

✔Rich Source of MCT, MCFAs and Lauric Acid
✔Supports Cardiovascular Health & Healthy Cholesterol
✔Kick Starts Natural Weight Loss
✔Promotes Radiant Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails
✔Supports Healthy Metabolism & Energy Levels
✔Strengthens Immune System
✔Boosts Brain Function
MAXIMUM POTENCY ON THE MARKET: Each serving has 2000mg of Pure Organic Coconut Oil, ideal coconut oil for skin.
PROUDLY USA MADE: Our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is manufactured in a FDA-Registered and GMP Compliant Facility in USA.
PURITY GUARANTEED: Each and every batch of our Coconut Oil pills are third-party tested for highest quality and purity.
NOTHING ARTIFICIAL: - Organic & Unrefined Pure Coconut Oil - Cold-Pressed & Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Freshly made from Organic Coconuts - 100% Natural and Unrefined - 100% Free of Trans Fat - Non-GMO - Chemical FREE - Dairy FREE Our Unrefined Coconut Oil contains NO GMO's, artificial ingredients, fillers, binders, preservatives or chemicals. Our cold pressed coconut oil formula is FREE of soy, milk, egg, shellfish, corn, wheat, peanuts and sugar.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #25196 in Health and Beauty
  • Size: 2 Months Supply!
  • Brand: Renew Actives
  • Ingredients: 100% Expeller pressed, Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Softgel consist of gelatin, glycerin, purified water and carob. Sourced, formulated and meticulously tested. Guaranteed to be the Highest Quality available. Third party tested for purity, potency and consistency
  • Dimensions: 2.25" h x 4.25" w x 2.25" l, .25 pounds

    And also remember to supplement you bodies Vitamins and Minerals as much as you can to continue to in a solid state of health and well-being. 

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Strawberry Cough - The Bastard Strain

Strain Special #16 – Strawberry Cough 

  Learning Medical Marijuana Strain by Strain!


Composition – 85% Sativa 15% Indica

Parents: Mother = Haze Father = Unknown

10 Best Medical Strains Of 2016!

Strawberry Cough – The Bastard Strain

The Birth

What exactly brought this strain into existence?


      Said to have been a special gift to the world famous co-founder of Kushman Veganics and 5 time coveted Cannabis Cup winner Kyle Kushman by some unknown professional grower from Vermont. This Strain alone has won Kushman several Cannabis Cup Awards in just its few years in existence. Believe it or not! The father strain, an unknown Indica type is said to have gotten its true Strawberry flavor from being grown in such close proximity to field of Strawberries. Believe it or not! 


The Name 

 Finally a properly named Strain! 



The Sativa dominant Strain is one of few out there accurately named. Said to have been named as such by its creator, in two words in order to keep the 1 2 punch, as opposed to being hyphenated. The 1st part of the name Strawberry being due to the extreme Strawberry fragrance that exudes from it along with the dark red Strawberry colored hairs deeply embedded in each bud made it obvious Strawberry, the 2nd being that “barking dog” like cough smokers get from the smooth Strawberry flavored smoke going down exploding in the lungs, hence the cough. 

The Effect 

 Exactly what does the "Strawberry Cough" Do???


The Strawberry Cough is a very unique Strain in a lot of ways. It seems to have the perfect balance between relaxation and motivation. Where most Strains as potent as this one usually lead straight to the dreaded “couch lock” . This Strain on the other hand actually stimulates the a creative based mind set. A true daytime bud its one of the few you can smoke in the morning and still maintain a normal fully productive day in everyway. Without any of the normal aches, pains, or anxieties! The Strain is also well known for bringing about a nice amount of creativity in several ways. Said to be one of the absolute best when it comes to dealing with depression. Well known for providing an exceptionally nice smooth Sativa-based high the Strain is also good at easing anxieties while allowing full functionality. A highly 
recommended medical Strain. 

Medical Uses

Can The Strawberry Cough Really Heal?

A highly recommended medical Strain of due to how effectively it deals with such major conditions as depression and anxiety. While researching the Strain a pattern quickly emerged. Patient after patient was glad to comment on just how how effective the Strain had been dealing with their depression. Patients were also quick to point out how it immediately placed them in a state of euphoria once smoked. Aside from its success in treating depression and Anxiety the Strain also seems to help a lot with pain and is known to control nausea completely while creating a strong appetite in the process.

Well there you have it the Strawberry Cough, the bastard Strain and everything you need to know about it. So stop by your local Dispensary and pick up a few grams to sample for yourself. 


Cannabis Sativa - an annual herbaceous plant in the Cannabis genus, a species of the Cannabaceae family. People have cultivated Cannabis sativa throughout recorded history as a source of industrial fibre, seed oil, food, recreation, religious and spiritual moods, and medicine. Each part of the plant is harvested differently, depending on the purpose of its use. The species was first classified by Carl Linnaeus in 1753.    C Wikipedia 2016

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Strain Specials – Learn Medical Marijuana Strain By Strain

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Where Can I Get High...

Where Are Quality Articles For Medical Dispensaries?

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  • Where Can I Learn More About Strains Of Medical Cannabis?
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